Change Your Life!

We take better care of our automobiles than of our souls! Yes, our souls do break down from lack of love and care. We find ourselves in the breakdown lane of life, and don’t know how we got there or how to get out and get going.

SoulScope™ can help!  By finding some path of direction, healing and growth, we can pick up our lives where we are and move toward a process of greater self understanding. By addressing hidden biases and personality based obstacles, stress is reduced, resistance to change is overcome. Self motivation is engaged, relationships maximized and the Beloved Community can arise from our individual and collective efforts.

How Can the Soul Grow?

The Enneagram will help you identify these issues in your life journey:

  • Soul Potential
  • Middle of the Road
  • Breakdown Lane
  • Basic Motivation
  • Basic Fear
  • Inner Conflict
  • Worldview
  • Soul Path


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